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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

A few days ago Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion.

26,000 million dollars is certainly pricey for just a huge contacts database. And Microsoft executives aren’t going to flood all those contacts with spam. Not only because they are not so silly, but mainly because most of those profiles are not on IT-decision making grounds. So we should look somewhere else looking for suitable explanations for this deal.

And I think it’s quite easy to figure out that this acquisition paves an improved way to make business to both companies.

Microsoft may supply LinkedIn’s users with tools to work and cooperate with, from the almost ubiquitous Office to the cloud services to streamline B2B processes.

LinkedIn is the company that bought Slideshare, Pulse, and, to support its users in their search for greener pastures, either finding new jobs, networking with other pros, promoting their profiles, or just having a wider look to their professional arena. So it’s not only aimed to be the contact list on the cloud but the channel to everybody’s next professional deal.

LinkedIn provides a channel to sell, cooperate and meet with other professionals and companies. And that is something Microsoft may use to enlarge the scope of its tools. Outlook has been widely realized by most analysts, but I guess that Skype and the CRM system embedded in Dynamics offer the best chances to transform networking processes.

Last but not least, LinkedIn finds funding for the investments she needs to make.

It’s not so easy to find a deal with benefits for both sides.

Any thoughts about it?

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